5 Popular Pet Parrot Species Around the World

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There are numerous varieties of pet lovers. No wonder, there is a vast community of peoples wants a bird to be their pet. When we talk about a bird, so a bird that gets maximum no of thumbs up is none other than a parrot. It’s not surprising at all, many pet lovers around the world prefer different breeds of parrots as a pet. If you are looking for a species of parrot which has a quality of friendly nature, affection, so we are going to explore some of the characteristics of few popular breeds which will help you a lot. By reading the full article, you’d be able to select the perfect pet parrot.

If you are hesitating in doing any hurry to bring a parrot at home because of a bite so don’t worry at all. We will explain about some of the widespread species of birds which will minimize your chances to get a bite. You can select some of the affectionate, lovely & friendly parrots easily after reading it.


Very first we are going to talk about a pet bird species which is often called Budgies or Australian Birds. It is one of the most popular paraket used as a pet in North America. You can turn them friendly and affectionate by doing proper timing and caring.
One thing that gives them an edge to others parakeets is its size. It’s small in size their cage will occupy very less space. You can also make them learn tricks for doing fun with them. They will give your inner happiness with their cuteness and color contrast. One negative point with it is that they don’t learn to talk.


They are also small in size almost similar to budgies. This parakeet also belongs to Australia and loved by many pet lover around the world and especially in the United States. You can tame them well by adopting as a baby. By hand-fed, they can be tamed well and make them learn some tricks. Most importantly it will react as per the environment. The same negative point applies to these parakeets also that they can’t talk. Except for this negative point they are adorable that make you always happy. Their cage also doesn’t occupy much space.


This parakeet is large than the previous two species of budgies and cockateil. If you are looking a medium size parrot, then this can be a perfect thing. It seems very beautiful with friendly and loving nature. They are very affectionate to the owner and make a strong bond with the owner. Cockatoos are so warm and want to be the owner all the time. If you are alone and want someone to get rid of all the loneliness so it would be a perfect deal. Crown of this parrot gives a unique and beautiful look. Make sure to spend lots of time with them otherwise they may become depressed and behave rudely.


They have got massive recognition among bird lovers because of their cuteness, size, and nature. They look pretty cute that is again a positive point with any parakeet. Its scale is not very large, its a medium size parrot but it has all the features that a large parrot does. A tame parrolets love ot play and socialize with you. It will come out as a good choice if you tame them properly.

5.Hyacinth Macaws

Macaws are not one of them but are the largest parrot among all the species of parakeet. It’s quite surprising for those who don’t know this fact. These large parts are known for their brilliance and learning ability to talk. They are very good at, and you can teach them anything to tell. They like to get attention and cuddling from the owner. They are so friendly and playful too. They have an excellent quality to make an inseparable bond with the owner.

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