6 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

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One thing is widespread among Americans that they love their dog so much like a family member. It’s not just because they are easy to handle and keep at home, but there are lots of challenges and expenses though. Despite the challenges people like to tolerate everything because of the happiness they get from their dogs. The most challenging thing is to train a dog, it becomes more challenging when you get a disobedient dog. That’s why it becomes more critical to select the right breed for your specific nature and needs. The other challenge that we’ve already mentioned before is an expense over a dog. It’s no less expensive, many times it surprises a lot.

Peoples in America most often like to leave alone, but it doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes they want someone to play with, laugh with, enjoy with and most important sharing all emotions. Many scientific pieces of research have explained the dog being the best friend of man.

All the troubles get away when your dog greets while entering the home, snuggles you, play with you, run after you. That’s why many peoples around the American preferably like to adopt a dog than any other pet.

All these discussions one thing is still left that which breed need to choose and how to find a perfect breed to keep at home?

We have explained a little bit that will help to find your perfect dog.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador has got first place in this list. Being sporty, active and friendly make them the most popular among all. These qualities put them on the top of the list of popularity in the United States. It comes in three awesome colors: yellow, black, and chocolate. Because of the pleasing quality, they excel their places in a family. They are also used as a guide to help blind persons; many forces use them for search and rescue operations.

2. German Shepherd

The German shepherd has got second place in this list. They were used as a safety guard for herding group long back. This breed of dog is known for courage and smartness. German shepherds are good guards and loyal to the family. They are known for their all-rounder performance. It can be used for all the purposes.

3. Golden Retriever

The golden retriever has got third place as per the reviews all around America. This breed is sporty, confident, alert and active. There no doubt about their strength and most reliable, they are strong enough along with friendly qualities.

4. Bulldog

The breed which has got fourth place in the list is a bulldog. The origination place of bulldog is the British Isles. It can easily be recognized by their short faces and stiff body structure. Many like to avoid this breed because of their stubbornness. Despite of all the reputations and mindset of peoples many want to keep them. They can be trained well easily.

5. Beagle

This breed has got fifth place is the list. There are well recognized for their hunting ability because they were bred firstly for hunting rabbits. They still got amazing hunting ability that make them the choice of many peoples around the United States. They are obedient and independent by nature.

6. French bulldog

This breed has got sixth place in the list. They are counted as a non-sporty dog. It can be easily recognized by the unique skull structure and bat ears. Though they are counted as non-sporty still they are playful and affectionate. Anyone can keep them whether they are single or living with a family. They are intelligent can be trained well to avoid any kind of stubbornness.

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