6 Most Popular Horse Breeds in the World

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There is a long history between the companionship of man and horse. That’s why horses have got a special place in history. Horses have served humans everywhere in need whether its war, agriculture, game, entertainment, etc. This precious animal has contributed so much in the development of civilization. They have got a special place in humans life which is pretty higher and unexpected than any other animal. Man treat them as a precious friend not an animal because of their power, strength, freedom, grace, qualities, nobility. Everyone want to know more about horses that’s why we’ve compiled a collection of 10 most popular breed of the horses. Let’s have some information about them.

1. Friesian

This handsome is originally bred & originated in Netherlands (Friesland). Don’t go on their size; this breed is surprisingly agile and graceful. There is a school of thought who believed that this horse was highly in demand during wars in the Middle Ages in Europe. This ancestors of this horse breed were highly in demand to carry the knights with armor. On one occasion it was quite hard to find this breed but in the recent decade, they have grown so much again.

2. Arabian

They have a unique head shape and high tail carriage, the Arabian Horse, is one of the most recognized breeds in the world. They are the native to the Arabian peninsula and also accepted as one of the ancient race in the world. Many researchers of the archeological department all around the world have come to this point that it can be traced back 4500 years. Arabian bloodlines have found in many modern breeds and originated many new races. This horse is known for speed, endurance, refinement, & strong bones.

3. Gypsy Horse

This beauty is also known as the “Irish Cob. The Gypsy horse is geographically native to the British Isles. It is named after the traveling peoples of Britain and Ireland Roma(gypsy) somewhere around 1996. This horse has long hairs knee to hooves. This bred was raised up in number by the Roma of Great Britians for pulling the wagons, vardoes in which they used to live and travel.

4. Andalusian

The name of the breed Andalusian is named after an autonomous region of Spain. It is also known as a “Pure Spanish Horse,” and it is a horse bred on the name of a southeastern place the Iberian Peninsula. This breed has an ancient history of almost one thousand years but it got recognition in the 15th century. Andalusian is known as war horse because of its war prowess. This breed got nobility among ruling class and also used as a diplomacy tool time to time by the Spanish government and other kings around the Spanish region. Though they are known as a war horse they also got sensitivity, nobility & intelligence.

5. Akhal-Teke

This one of the most beautiful breeds is a national symbol of Turkmenistan. They are unique in look because of their shiny coat. Because of its shiny coat, Akhal-Teke has got a nickname of “Golden Horse.” They are flexible in adapting severe climate conditions. This horse is not only beautiful but also flexible in adaptability due to their endurance. They’ve got a tag of being one of the ancient horse breeds of the world.

6. Appaloosa

This breed got unique spots on their body that’s why it is also known as a wild horse. There was a tribe called Nez Perce which is responsible for the development of this fantastic breed. This tribe was situated near Palouse river that’s why many people called this breed as “Palouse horse.” This breed was once almost disappeared, but few breeders took this responsibility to save them, and they did it very well. There is one more exciting thing about Appaloosa that it is an official state horse of Idaho state of America.

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