7 Most Popular Cat Breeds in America

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If your taste is a little bit different and looking for a perfect cat to keep in your house, so it’s the right place, sometimes it gets quite easy to find a dog in the US, but it’s not that easy regarding finding a cat. If you are unsure about the breeds so let’s have a look. You might have heard about the famous breeds like Persian, the Maine coon and other names but not sure about nature and feature so read this full article to know about every single thing to keep in mind while getting a cat. There may be some breed in your mind so you can also know about that specifically.

1. The Persian

The breed that got first place in America is Persian. This breed is not only popular in America but also in other parts of the world. The Persian cats are on the top from more than thirty years in the United States. If you are looking for affection, love and loyalty bring worth to it. There is one thing that you need to care for this breed that is a health issue. By doing a little bit of grooming and caring your cat will look perfect.

2. The Maine Coon

The breed that got the second rank in the list is the Maine Coon. It looks pretty huge than any other cats because of its fluffy fur & hairy look. These cats are known as one of the largest among all. It will be worth to the owner because of its sense of humor. They have goofy nature that’s why they are referred to as clown cats. The Maine Coon has a loving & gentle which will make you happy enough to enjoy the day.

3. The Exotic Shorthair

If you want something similar to the Persian but not the exact one so this would be a perfect combination. You will get a less and short luxurious coat in this cat. One interesting with the Exotic Shorthair is that it looks like Teddy because of its dense, short coat and big eyes. Your choice may be this one except for Persian because of the low commitment of caring.

4. The Siamese

This cat has also got a great place among cat owners because of its unique personality. They are very communicative and able to express everything to the owner. It’s not easy to leave them alone; they can be depressed. The Siamese don’t want to lose any chance to be with the owner.

5. The Abyssinian

These short coat cats do well with the owner due to their playful and energetic nature. The Abyssinian also like to be with the humans just like Siamese. They are not a good lap cat or a cuddler one, but it will make you realize its importance by the activities. Many owners have told that the Abyssinian can be trained well to learn tricks like switch on/off the light.

6. The Ragdoll

Likewise, the name these cats are the perfect example of lap cats. You can enjoy these longhaired beauties. They like being cuddle and love to be close to the humans as much as possible. Many Cat lovers love this larger cat breed. If you want an adorable, affectionate and gentle cat so this would be a perfect one.

7. Domestic Shorthair

They are quite popular all around the world due to their availability. These cats are found in different colors and pattern. They are known as the pillar of the recognition of cat world having no direct purebred lineage. These are flexible in every environment and climate condition. These traveler cats who travel outside of the house are great hunters.

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