Famous Fish Breed in the US

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There are many pet lovers in the United States, and there are millions of fish lovers among them. Many owners love different varieties of fish in their aquarium. The maximum number of pet lovers have fish at their home as a pet; it is quite surprising. It is a reality, don’t need to be surprised at all. Fishes resemble beautiful and colorful that brings inner happiness. It gives a feeling of relaxation looking at them anytime. There is a massive reason for keeping the fish at home as it brings multiple health benefits. It assists in reducing stress level, heart rate & blood pressure.

Popular Pet Parrot Species

Fishes attract everyone around them very quickly with their beauty and characteristics and features. We are going to explain some of the widespread species that peoples prefer to have with them at their home in the aquarium.

1. Neon Tetra

Neon Tetras are very popular among fish lovers because it doesn’t need much care. Overall its a perfect choice for the beginners. It’s less caring need have taken it on the top of all. Beginners from all the US like to keep this species in their home. The maximum size it can reach is about 2.2cm in length, and want to stay in groups. They are very peaceful and don’t fight with each other, and it can be a good thing for a small aquarium. Neon tetras look very colorful as a rainbow with a blue stip horizontally across their body; this makes them visible even in the dark.

Water is a must needed thing for a fish, and every fish needs water of different nature. Noen Tetras requires soft water with a tropical temperature. Fish food is recommended which can be found easily on the pet store, but they take any kind of food like bread, etc. An interesting about them is that they are omnivorous by nature and can eat worms and well as plants.

2. Guppies

Guppies look beautiful with their colorful body. They can adapt to different types of water conditions. Being colorful and adaptative make them very popular among fish lovers. They don’t need heavy care but can survive with a little bit of attention only if we talk about the number of pairs so there should be at least sets of threes. As everyone knows that most of the times males are more beautiful than females, the same case is also here. You can keep a combination of males and females together if looking for breeding. The ideal temperature would be between 50 degrees F – 84 degrees. You can feed them anything available at home, plant or animal based, or buy fish food from the pet store.

3. Oscar

One thing is very famous about Oscars as they are the most intelligent among all the pet fish breeds. You’ll be surprised to know that they can learn tricks and do the same. They may be called the most intelligent aquarium fish because of their trick learning ability.

Oscars are thought to be one of the most intelligent aquarium fish available and are one of the few species that can be trained to do tricks. They need extra care than any other aquarium fish. Oscars are carnivorous and if you keep them in pairs then will get large very soon. You can put them in a group of 5 to get a better experience.

4. Mollies

Mollies are very peaceful and don’t need much. They are the ideal aquarium fish for all the beginners. They reach up to the size of 3-4 inches. There is an interesting fact that they don’t lay eggs but give birth to their young ones. You can provide them with both plant and worms etc. as they are omnivorous.

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