Best Pet Rat Breeds Around the World

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There are different types of animal lovers some likes dogs, cats, horse while there are also some who loves rats as a pet. Due to the lack of content, you can’t find better results, so we’re here to assist you all the way. Here is an informative article explaining everything about popular breeds briefly. We’ll be telling you about the pet rats only not about the wild one. Pet rats are available in different colors and sizes. Due to the attractive look, they often called fancy rats. We’re going to explain about the few of the most popular pet rats.

Tailless Rats

This variety of cat has lack of tail & sometimes you can see a little stub on the tale origination place. Almost all varieties have tails except this one. If you are looking for a different type of pet rat so this can be your destination. This variety of rat is also known as Max rats. You can also take this breed as they look so cute & beautiful. They also come in different colors that make it so favorite among pet lovers.

Hairless Rats

They look a little weird but many peoples would like this rat to become their pet. Hairless rats look same as their name, thin and transparent (no hair). Few of them have short and curly whiskers and others have not. You have to think many times before taking it to home with you. Commonly people don’t prefer this breed but there are exceptions too. Many peoples have allergies with fur, this would be a great thing for them. Totally hairless, no sign of hair at all except whiskers in some of them.

Rex Rats

All variety of fancy rat having dense and curly coats are known as Rex rats as they have enough hairs and fur, so it’s softer to touch. It comes in different colors some a rat has color contrast. This rat has curly whiskers that make it more adorable.

Dumbo Rats

This Dumbo rat has big ears compare to other varieties of rats. There was a movie named Dumble released a few decades back in 1941, that’s how this name came into limelight. This movie based on the main character which was an elephant having ears. Having big ears than other mice make this rat popularly known as a dumbo. Dumbos have significant, and round ears compare to other rat breeds. The ear of this rat starts from the sides of the head that makes it looks unique.

Marked Rats

This rat forms a different pattern with two colors. They usually have two colors sometimes their head is dark, and the body is white, and sometimes their body is dark, and the head is white. This color contrast coat makes it pretty accessible.

Satin Rats

Satin means shiny as this variety has a unique shiny and silky coat. Due to the shiny coat sometimes it resembles a metallic sheen. They have curly whiskers and big ears. You can identify them quickly because of their skin.

There are not only this much of varieties that we mentioned but many more as per the geographical and environmental difference. You will get to know about many more varieties while doing a bit of research. I listed few breeds of pet rats that are popular among pet lovers and readily available. I hope all the information given by us regarding the looks and other feature of each rat will help to find you the best rat as a pet. If you have a query about any different rat breed that we haven’t mentioned, comment below. We would love to do a little a bit for you and bring you a satisfactory answer.

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